Granny DoJo

Recently I worked on “Chasing the Hawk” (working title) as a 60-year old karate master, aged to look the part. The scene took place in a dojo and theJamie Kennedy stunt guys lovingly called me Granny DoJo. Jamie Kennedy was one of the lead actors in the scene. The other lead actor, who looked like he belonged on the cover of a Romance novel, was someone I didn’t recognize. When asked what movies he had been in, he answered that this was his first movie. I recall thinking, “How’d he manage that? Luck?.”

Regardless, I had a job to do. Granny DoJo was to hit the ground when accidentally pushed by Jamie’s character. The pro that I am, I slammed myself to the ground on cue several times. It was expected of me. Regardless, collecting Hi-5’s from the dreamy Romance novel guy made me blush and wish I wasn’t made up to look so awful.

A few days after wrap, I decided to find out who that guy was. Duh! Turns out that it wasn’t “luck” that helped him win a leading role. The producers were the WWE and McDreamy was a WWE Superstar named The Edge. He worked his way up to Superstardom in the world of professional wrestling.

I appreciate his enthusiastic Congrats a lot more now that I know it came from a wrestling Rock Star.


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