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Latest World Trampoline Cup, Jablonec, Chech Republic

Monday, October 31st, 2011
Here’s the latest Trampoline World Cup. It was held in Jablonec, Chech Republic and I did the expert commentary in English. Watch all the way until the end to see one of the most incredible trampoline routines ever starting with huge 1 1/2 twisting triples. Click the link below to be amazed!


The Risk Gene

Monday, April 19th, 2010

This is a reprint of a story I wrote for Inside Stunts Magazine, which is now out of business.

The Risk Gene, Stunt-performers & Borderline Personality Disorders


Leigh Hennessy

According to Art Linkletter, kids say the darndest things. According to every terrified parent around the globe, kids do the dumbest things. How many daredevil young boys do you know that have endeavored to fly off the roof of their house in a make-shift Superman cape? Or, stubbornly rammed their banana-seat stingray bicycle into a brick wall convinced they could pierce a hole through it? We’ve all taken a whack at defying gravity or inertia at one time or another in our young lives. We were courageous and we were invulnerable. We thought: Where’s the danger in it all? And, stunt people were no different. (more…)


Hiking in the Scottish Highlands

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

The video doesn’t do the vision of our hike from our steading to the Balfour estate any justice. Nature is just far more beautiful. However, please enjoy.

… and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.



Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Daniel Illabaca LeapingThis is the beginning of something big! The World Freerunning & Parkour Federation website has gone live. It is the latest project of  which I’m involved. It features amazing urban athletes who leap, fly and flip over and on structures built by man and nature – basically using what’s available around them. The freerunners of the WFPF will be everywhere soon. 

Here’s a tease: World Freerunning & Parkour Federation


Life Cycles

Monday, November 24th, 2008

This is the latest theme in my life.  We go round and round and revisit moments of our past.  Although, they look a little different.  Our surroundings change.  The characters change.  We’re older.  We’re more experienced.  But, the moment is the lesson.  And, the lesson is important enough to appear again.

The moment that recently reappeared again reminds me to appreciate achievements.  Here’s a little achievement that I am eternally grateful: athletic ability and fearlessness.

Leigh's First Stunt

Dad taught me to stand in his hand balancing on one foot as a toddler before I could even walk.  This is one of the earliest memories of my life.  I actually recall performing for visiting guests one day.  I can still see my tiny feet in my father’s palm. I remember him telling me what to do, “Now, lift your foot,” and I was scared.  I was scared, but I trusted him.  He wouldn’t drop me.  So, I slowly and apprehensively lifted my foot.  People in the room cheered and it was fun.  It was easy.  I could feel my Dad’s palm grip my standing foot tight and his weight holding me up.

The trick only lasted a few seconds before it was over.  It was a good experience.  I achieved something really cool and it made me happy.

… And then I became an athlete and a stunt performer.  Taking risks was a lesson learned at an early age.



Thursday, November 6th, 2008

OK – Now, I can post ads again.  No more campaign ads, no more smears, no more lack of control over the message of my website and blog.  

That said, it’s time to move forward.  For weeks/months, I’ve been focused on my wedding on October 4th. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with the election.  That’s done and it’s time to focus on the smaller world: mine.  Back to work. Back to dreaming. 

To get “forward” started, I’m posting Imagine, by John Lennon.  My brother, Jeff, read it at my wedding.  The hopeful, peaceful lyrics mean a lot to family members and resonate today, which I think was made clear on Tuesday.  So, here it are the lyrics:



Working Out with Nicholas

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Since I bought my trampoline, I am forced to exercise in my backyard.  But, whether I’m inside or out for the stretching phase of my work-outs, I have a constant companion who just can’t leave me alone.  

Here’s what happens:

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