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Women’s Media Center

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

WMC Website says: “Simply put, there is a crisis of representation in the media. We live in a racially and ethnically diverse nation which is 51% female, but the news media itself remains staggeringly limited to a single demographic. While women hold less than 3% of decision-making “clout” positions in media, they also earned only 25% of all new media jobs created from 1990 -2005, despite constituting 65% of all undergraduate and graduate journalism and mass communications students.”

Please watch both short videos.

I add, only 15% of all stunt work in film is performed by women. Less than 1% of all working Stunt Coordinators in the film business are women. These are shameful statistics that need to be changed.


Stunt Coordinating “Somnambulist”

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Starting off my professional film experience as a Louisiana-local talent  with a stunt performing job or an acting gig didn’t happen. It was with a Stunt Coordinating job instead.

Upon moving to Louisiana, I always intended to apply for stunt coordinating jobs. However, I figured that even though I felt qualified they would be harder to get than stunt performing or even acting jobs since the vast amount of my experience is in front of a camera. It appears I might have been wrong.

Last Spring, four majors action films blew through New Orleans. Hundreds of stunt jobs were filled. Only three of those stunt jobs, totaling about fives days of work, were for women. Only one of those days was filled by a local stuntwoman. The Screen Actor’s Guild keeps statistics showing that only 15% of all Guild stunt work goes to women. However, I realize now that outside of Hollywood and New York, it is far less.

Therefore, in spite of my extensive stunt performing experience, my interest in submitting for stunt coordinating jobs got ratcheted up when I realized I may not be able to contribute to the family income through stunt performing the way I had hoped.

My first production meeting and location scout for Somnambulist, the movie I’m coordinating, was last Friday. Turns out, without giving away too much about the script before it’s released, this thriller has a couple of  major stunt scenes featuring five characters. Ironically, three are women. The women are both heroes and villians, an interesting catch since the new young writer/director of Somnambulist is a woman, too.


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